5 reasons to use a Marriage Celebrant

By grant / January 26, 2017

I have loved working with people over the last 30 years, having been a teacher, a leader of a Charitable Trust, Business Consultant, and now a Marriage Celebrant. The Weddings I have done, I have been thrilled to be a part of the day as well as seeing the couple make their special day to their liking. I would like to give you five reasons why I believe you should use a Marriage Celebrant versus a traditional Church wedding.

Reason No 1. This is your day and you should feel comfortable and relaxed.
You have the upper hand. You can chooses your services as well as working with the marriage celebrant to make your day special and one to remember.

Rebecca and Stephen's amazing day

Reason No 2. You can get married in a park or your favourite Beach
Your wedding can be at the most exotic places such as beaches, rose gardens, restaurants etc, wherever you may want. Many are now starting to use their houses. It is your day. Churches are lovely places to hold weddings, but you may not want a traditional church wedding.

Reason No 3. Wedding of choice
A number of celebrants will celebrate same sex wedding days. This is a time for all to celebrate and give the chance for everybody to have the pleasure in getting married.

Reason No 4. Much more flexibility with time planning.
Your wedding can be well planned. It can be a week day or night and using a marriage celebrant means you have way more flexibility to fit in with your friends and families busy lives.

5. You get me :-) and I love makings peoples weddings the best they can be!
I have been dealing with people for 30 years and I love meeting and making people happy. I have a relaxed, some would say comical style of weddings and I enjoy it immensely.


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