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    Welcome to Weddings in 2019

    By grant / 05/02/2019

    2018 was a lovely year for Weddings. It is always a thrill being part of the brides and grooms special day. There is a lot to do before people get married and it is great to see things work out perfectly on the day. The amount of work the bride usually does for their special […]


      I Am Giving You My Hand In Marriage

      By grant / 17/08/2018

        I Am Giving My Hand To You For Marriage. This is a such a beautiful reading or Poem. Unfortunately I can not say that I have written it. The vows are very important and a major part of the blessing of a marriage. If you would like me to read this at your special […]


        The Dilemma of Marriage Being Relevant In NZ today

        By grant / 28/05/2018

        New Zealand has changed so much in the last 20 years. It is now marriage that comes in the spotlight. To many New Zealanders it is a no brainer. Marriage is the natural thing to happen when two people fall in love and commit their lives together. But there is a growing number of people […]


          Four Weddings And A Funeral Is Just A Movie

          By grant / 08/04/2018

          I often get asked how difficult it is to do a funeral. Because I am quite an emotional person, people wonder how I would find it doing funerals. I was a little worried doing my first one last year. I had been part of a number of funerals in the past, but this was my […]


            Grant Hobbs Marriage Celebrant 2018 A Wedding To Remember

            By grant / 13/02/2018

              As a Wedding and Funeral Celebrant, my bookings are doing well throughout the year. I love doing both Weddings and Funerals. Both are lovely to be part of. It has been a busy few months for me, much of the time out with a knee injury. In August last year I was helping a […]


              The Joy of A Mother Seeing Her Son Getting Married.

              By grant / 23/06/2017

              The Joy of a Mother seeing her son get married. There is something very special about a mother seeing her son get married. As a Marriage Celebrant I have the luxury of seeing everything first hand evolve. Traditionally we see the father give away the bride, but we dont’ think or hear too much about […]


                Grant Hobbs Marriage Celebrant Would Love to Talk About Weddings

                By grant / 21/06/2017

                  Grant Hobbs Marriage Celebrant I take being a Marriage Celebrant very seriously but like to let my personality come out in the wedding as well. The day is all about you, so I very much blend in to the Wedding Ceremony. I became a Wedding Celebrant because I had been asked to be part […]


                  Grant Hobbs Marriage Celebrant Weddings are special

                  By grant / 21/06/2017

                    Grant Hobbs Marriage Celebrant loves doing weddings. There is something quite special to me about being a marriage celebrant. I have been so lucky to be in a position to being around some wonderful couples who have believed in their hearts that they wish to be with their husband/wife for the rest of their […]


                    Grant Hobbs Independent Marriage Celebrant on granthobbs.com

                    By grant / 25/05/2017

                      When Is A Good Time And Place To Get Married? Why don’t you ask Grant Hobbs Marriage Celebrant on granthobbs.com Many people I have talked to ask similar questions. Especially young couples who are asking questions about the expense of getting married. There seems to be many reasons why young people are keeping away […]


                      How To Renew Your Vows Keeping Everybody Happy

                      By grant / 12/04/2017

                      A wedding Renewal is not for everyone. But many do to show their wife or husband that they still love each other even after many years. There is no fast rule when to do your vows or not to do their vows, but many do on an anniversary, maybe 10th, 20th or so on. You […]


                        How Can You Mend A Broken Heart

                        By grant / 11/04/2017

                        The Bee Gees wrote this huge hit, knowing that we all have gone through break ups, broken hearts, joy, laughter and sorry. It is part of all of our journey and sometime in our lives we will come across it. Just when, no one really knows, and it can happen differently to all of us […]


                          Marriages, Funerals And A lot More

                          By grant / 10/04/2017

                          Marriages, Funerals, And Lots More Lovely day in Auckland. Sounds like some bad weather may be on its way. On a good note if you are thinking of getting married or you have lost a loved one, I am available to assist you in these areas •Registered Marriage Celebrant Registered Civil union Celebrant •Funeral Celebrant […]


                            Fears, Excitement, Thoughts About Conducting My First Funeral

                            By grant / 05/04/2017

                            I definitely had apprehensions of whether to conduct a Funeral or not. Lots of questions went through my mind about whether I would be able to properly send off the person who passed away, whether I would get too emotional myself, but mainly the responsibility for farewelling someone with family and friends being present Ones […]


                              Funeral For Laurie Stothard

                              By grant / 02/04/2017

                              I had the honour of officiating Laurie Stothard‘s funeral today. Surrounded by loving family and friends, it was clear that Laurie had a life filled with fun, laughter, hard work and a real love of this family. To Kerry, Michelle and Craig, lovely to meet you and I hope I was able to farewell Laurie […]


                                Love Overcomes Cultural Differences

                                By grant / 16/03/2017

                                Yesterday I had the honour of talking to a young mum about her journey in marriage. Coming from a Tongan family, brought to New Zealand because she was a bit of a rebel, only to fall pregnant to an equally young man. Talking to her I could sense the pain but certainly no regrets of […]

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