Bringing Out The Best In your Husband Or Wife

By grant / February 2, 2017
Rebecca and Stephen's amazing day

Rebecca and Stephen’s amazing day

Thank you so much everybody for your advice to keep a good marriage. More than anything it has helped me focus on my place in the marriage and what I can do to make the marriage happier.
The common thread for males is that we need to make our wives feel they can communicate, and have a vehicle to do so. Unfortunately for males the time for communication might be when the sport is on, or when they want to go to sleep.
So a solution to this is-either record the sport or freeze it so communication can happen without just the nod and the inevitable ohs? To combat the before sleep communication is set aside some time each night if possible to listen.
Also what I found out about reading about my friends comments, was that we all seem to be in the same boat, and marriage does have setbacks and we all share in stresses of being together, but we as well have some great times together which we share and need to remember.
It is my job to bring the best out of my wife Moe. Do I?
I can do a heck of a lot better. How can I do this?
I need to be reminded why I married my wife and what attracted me to this high functioning, strong, kind and loving person. Sure we all change and that to many can be the problem.” We just don’t have anything in common”. It may be a good idea to go back and remember what those common threads were, and also work on what threads we could work on together in our present and future. Equally my wife needs to jump on board as well.
Have you figured out what your spouse truly wants out of the marriage? What are his/her daily desires? Sometimes through the business of our lives we really run round in circles looking for answers. We may just need to ask. Then we need to embrace by being the guardian of each other’s selves. Have I done this effectively? Heck no. Can I do this? Yes I can only but try.
When we get married we tend to be on a honey moon for a certain time, and then the realities of sharing your life with your partner sets in. Things like habits, frailties-we actually drop our guard and sometimes we take what we have for granted.
The big picture is not about making sure the kitchen is tidy when your spouse comes home (although it is a good place to start), or the toilet seat being up or down, or even the toothpaste lid open, the big picture is to find a way forward to ensure you are having a great marriage. Communication is the biggie.
Oh, and yes remember to tidy up the kitchen, put the toilet seat down and put the cap back on the toothpaste. This can really help.
So we all ,need to look at where we are in our marriages, and try that extra harder. This weekend it can happen for Moe and I. We are off to James Taylor together. If Sweet Baby James can’t help who can?

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