How Can You Mend A Broken Heart

By grant / April 11, 2017

The Bee Gees wrote this huge hit, knowing that we all have gone through break ups, broken hearts, joy, laughter and sorry. It is part of all of our journey and sometime in our lives we will come across it. Just when, no one really knows, and it can happen differently to all of us and in different ways.

One of the constant struggles in relationships is when it become stale, or loses its purpose. What do we do now? Do we take a break and hopefully it will come back all ok? or do we break up and try and move on through the loss and the hole that is left in our lives.

The struggle is real and can leave us devastated, without the necessary tools to move on.
It seems to happen with unmarried couples a lot. Once they get to a plateau, what is next? What do we do with our relationship? Do we marry? do we weather the storm? do we give up on the relationship, and let go of what we had.

How do we get the honey moon or the magic back that was once in our relationship? I don’t think we ever do thave that magic of the first few months together. Inevitably we become like all couples, work, finances, disagreements, and the pace of life takes over. But love evolves and becomes more mature. There is something lasting there.

At times we seem to drift apart, with one partner going one way, and the other-another way. We have lost our purpose. Discovering the purpose can be very difficult, so we slowly move away from each other.

As a Marriage Celebrant, I believe that marriage is a way to find purpose. There is a definite shift when marriage happens, and a llife of purpose can begin. I am not saying that marriage is the answer, but I am saying that marriage is an answer. Our banks accounts become both of ours instead of yours and mine, and we think ahead much more as a couple, because we have made the committment of marriage.

When saying the marriage vows, we are declaring to everybody that we are committed to a long term marriage, and we will stay together through sickness and health, and also through thick and thin.

We make decisions together about our work futures, about when to have babies. Again non-,married couples can do this as well, but I am talking as a person who believes in the concept of marriage.

If your relationship has become stale, and you are trying to find some purpose in your relationship, maybe marriage needs to be discussed to bring you both together.

If you would like to discuss this further, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
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