Fears, Excitement, Thoughts About Conducting My First Funeral

By grant / April 5, 2017

I definitely had apprehensions of whether to conduct a Funeral or not. Lots of questions went through my mind about whether I would be able to properly send off the person who passed away, whether I would get too emotional myself, but mainly the responsibility for farewelling someone with family and friends being present

Ones passing can be so sudden and unexpected, and my main objective was to be available, care and be sensitive of the family’s needs.

Families have lost their father, Uncle, Grand Dad, friend and work mate, so it is so important they while they are searching for comfort, that there is hope. Even when a person passes away after a long illness, nobody is really prepared.

I can support this as my father had been ill for some 20 years before he passed away, and still when he died I was never really prepared for it.

I see my role in conducting a funeral as quite simple.

This is a celebration of life, and being able to listen to the family’s needs for the day. It is my role to bring comfort as well and care.

It is important to meet with the family and allow them to share stories of the person who has died. Some of these stories are very special.

I will personalise the message. It is a time to honour the person and ensure that everybody who leaves the funeral has a sense of peace and good memories. There will be stories about the deceased.

We will together decide on scriptures/poems that are appropriate to the person.
It can be a Christian service or non/religious.

There will be time to share stories during the service. I will be close to support and stand by the person.
Music will be chosen by the family. Often it will be music or hymns that the deceased has liked.
I am available to conduct the committal as well. This is usually done with close family. Although families may wish to have close friends there as well.
I am certainly available as well to support you and your family

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