Four Weddings And A Funeral Is Just A Movie

By grant / April 8, 2018

I often get asked how difficult it is to do a funeral.
Because I am quite an emotional person, people wonder how I would find it doing funerals. I was a little worried doing my first one last year. I had been part of a number of funerals in the past, but this was my first official funeral as a celebrant.

Meeting the family before the funeral is always difficult. When I meet them theirl loved one has recently passed so can be a time where support idf needed from me with the family.

Once we get together though, I find I get to know the person who has deceased quite quickly. Everybody has a story and has left some sort of legacy. Getting to know the family is also very important. There are many stories that can be celebrated through the service.

Around the table always brings tears and laughter. A good cup of coffee always helps. When a number of family members are together, the family tell many stories which are good rememnders for us all that life is so precious.

In all of the funerals I have done, I have tried to support the family in gieving but also celebrate the life of the person who has passed away. Many of the peopkle that I have had the honour in doing their funerals have some fantastic stories. I wish I had known the person.

But most of all I care for the family. One funeral that I was part of had a young woman stand up and talk about her Dad. This young woman was down syndrome, and had a beautiful soul. She was telling her dad how much she loved him, and to come back to her princess. This moved me as well as the congregation.

A week later I received an email from the brother of this woman. It was lovely to hear that the young woman had said that I had helped her dad get to heaven. That was lovely feedback.

With comments like that I will always cherish doinf funerals. Giving hpe and calm to families throufgh such a difficult time is always a priority.

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