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By grant / 25/05/2017


When Is A Good Time And Place To Get Married? Why don’t you ask Grant Hobbs Marriage Celebrant on

Many people I have talked to ask similar questions. Especially young couples who are asking questions about the expense of getting married.

There seems to be many reasons why young people are keeping away from getting married. I heard that for every person that is getting married, there are three Celebrants available. So it is a hugely competitive market.

Cost seems to be a big factor. Or does it have to be? In the next couple of weeks I am involved in a wedding that is involved with 10 immediate family members. They are going to a restaurant and I have the honour of being the Celebrant on that day. They haven’t decided as yet whether they will also have something aftertwards for friends. They were thinking of having a barbecue at their own home, and invite friends over. Not too expensive even if they are having the barbecue So cost can be kept down.

Another frequent question is, why do we need to get married when we live together? Of course you don’t. But personally I believe in the values of marriage. That is just my beliefs. So when we talk it through I will not force in any way, will just give you my beliefs.

People ask me that if we are not married, we don’t have to go through the messy break up. All break ups are messy. My personal belief is that the committment of marriage helps people going through issues, and not as reactive. Yes, it may be easier to break up if you aren’t married but maybe the relationship could have been saved. Not just a knee jerk reaction.

So for me who has been married for nearly 30 years, there have been ups and downs, but in the end there is always a resolution before we would decide enough is enough.

Simply, Marriage for me is an important institution, and one that is important and part of my value system. I would not be a Marriage Celebrant if I did not believe in this.

If you would like to talk this through with me, I would be more than happy to chat. I can be messaged on my website, Grant Hobbs Marriage Celebrant site or my hobbs_celeb page on Instagram.

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