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By grant / February 13, 2018


As a Wedding and Funeral Celebrant, my bookings are doing well throughout the year. I love doing both Weddings and Funerals. Both are lovely to be part of.

It has been a busy few months for me, much of the time out with a knee injury. In August last year I was helping a good friend of mine speak to the Business Association. She was addressing the Business Association as part of her dream to get in to Politics. Well, when leaving I fell straight on my nose, broke that and then also broke my knee. A great effort wasn’t it?

I was very lucky to be able to officiate a wedding a couple of months later to beautiful bride Leutu and husband Daniel. It was such a lovely day as I had been her sisters teacher a good 30 years before. So it was a lovely family affair getting to know the parents again and her three beautiful sisters and brothers.

Everything went so smoothly on the day. The only problem I was worried about was that I was using crutches and I decided not to have them up the front from me. I figured that I would start standing up the front about 15 minutes before the wedding. Unfortunately as with all traditional weddings, the bride was late. It must have been 45 minutes I was standing there. If only there had been a wall to lean back on.

It was such a lovely wedding seeing the father of the bride walking slowly down the isle with tears in his eyes. These were tears of joy and also sorrow for letting his beautiful daughter go.

I definitely get emotional as I see the Bride come down the aisle and make sure I am in check to ensure that I give my best for the wedding as well.

The service was lovely, the vows were beautiful, and the bridal party looked lovely as well. The usual nervous tears ad giggles by both the bride and groom ensured that people who were at the wedding felt the love that was around.

It was a day to remember. It was also great that the families minister and support team at the conclusion of the wedding came up and did a special prayer for the bride and groom.
I should probably asked the Minister for a prayer for my knee. By the time the service was over I could hardly move and was helped by one of the bridal party to come and sit by the reception area.

I get so much happiness seeing the bride and groom overjoyed, and am able to witness a new start and journey in to their future.

Grant Hobbs Marriage Celebrant

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