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By grant / 21/06/2017


Grant Hobbs Marriage Celebrant loves doing weddings.

There is something quite special to me about being a marriage celebrant. I have been so lucky to be in a position to being around some wonderful couples who have believed in their hearts that they wish to be with their husband/wife for the rest of their lives.
The sheer tension and emotion before the wedding and the relief when the formal part has been completed is so special to watch.

Each wedding I have been part of have been very special, and very different. To the one on Christmas day to the one yesterday couldn’t have been so different. Each in its own were such a special time for the couple, family friends and myself.
I am able to watch both the Groom and Bride and see how they are feeling, and walking them through the wedding is such a humbling time for me.

The soon to be Bridal Couples have different approaches to how they want the wedding to go. From the extremely well planned wedding I was part of where the Bride had it down to the minute, and to the wedding where, let’s just let it flow. Both weddings went extremely well.
I have had the pleasure to get to know the couples well, and all of the weddings I have been part of, I consider them friends, family, and sometimes Dad. Also meeting families is great as well.

My part in the ceremony varies with different couples. In some of the ceremonies I have been part of it right from the start, planning everything with the couple, and in some instances, I have been given a window to do my bit, and then move on.

So, all the weddings I have done have been different but so very lovely to be part of.

As a Marriage Celebrant, I give my best to make your day go without any hitches. I am here to assist you before the wedding, by ensuring everything is right before the bride makes her welcome.

I have helped move chairs, tables, flowers, putting names on tables, just being around to be an extra pair of hands.
I always make a point of introducing myself to the families and friends, so that they are also comfortable during the ceremony, as well as myself looking at an audience that is supportive with me as well as the amazing couple.

I can do weddings anywhere in New Zealand. There will be costs associated with this but we can definitely work something out.

I am happy to do weddings that will suit you. I can even do them from my office as well.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me, and I will get back to you right away.

Grant Hobbs
Marriage Celebrant

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