How To Keep A Marriage Going Well

By grant / February 2, 2017

Advice In Keeping a Good Marriage Going Well

Last night I messaged some of my friends and asked them what advice they would give in keeping their marriage alive and well. Within 30 minutes I had so many responses, and the messages were coming in thick and fast. I have purposely not mentioned their names but have initialled.

If you have any advice, please add to these. Thank you so much friends for your contribution.

Happy Wife happy life (LD)

Tell her she is beautiful many many times a day (JL)

Even as best friends (which we are), perfection is unattainable, but we can pursue excellence and all the above, especially the happy wife-brilliant (WB)

It really is for life,through sickness and in health (and yes Man Flu counts) (JS)

Never take each other for granted or EXPECT the other to do things for you. Whatever you do for each other is a bonus and should always be done willingly and unconditionally (JM)

Don’t expect that your spouse can read your mind. You must let them know what you need. (JM)

Ask not what she can do for you, but what you can do for her (WB)

Be the boss in everything in your marriage, especially yourself (BS)

Keep your sense of humour and don’t be afraid of being vulnerable (BD)

Don’t hold a grudge. Keep the romance alive. Find something to laugh about together everyday. Maintain an element of surprise or spontaneity. Love,serve, give,enjoy, appreciate and be thankful for each other (JM)

Work together and communicate. Share in each others interests. We have done this for 57 years (JL)

When the going gets tough turn towards each other, not away (CD)

Be kind to each other, choose your battles and stay best friends. Laugh together (TS)

Learn abaout each others Love Language (AS)

You can’t change the other person but you can choose to grow together (RM)

The wedding is a day, marriage is for life (AS)

I love date nights so I can be with my wife and share todays stories (CD)

I love my husband and although there are times where I get really annnoyed with him, or what he has done or not done, and I imagine myself married to another person, our marriage/relationship is always worth the fight to make it stronger (JM)

There’s no one in this marriage but you and your spouse so don’t worry about other people and what they say you should be doing, just concentrate on growing your own marriage in to what/where you want it to be (TM)

It’s always important to be on the same page and re-evaluate with each other constantly (GH)

Be truthful in everything, even the ugly parts you think might be embarrassing. If you have committed yourself to each other for eternity you may as well get everything out in the open now (JM)

Work on yourself, make yourself better, a better me makes a better we (MH)

When kids come along ensure you make time for each other, even if it is for a couple of hours a fortnight, or having a meal with just each other (VT)

Communicate like your marriage depends on it-because it does. It doesn’t matter how much you love each other, if you can’t communicate that both ways, the relationship is doomed. I once read, Love is not looking at each other but looking together in (NT)

Please share your thoughts and ideas.

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