Marriages, Funerals And A lot More

By grant / April 10, 2017

Marriages, Funerals, And Lots More

Lovely day in Auckland. Sounds like some bad weather may be on its way.
On a good note if you are thinking of getting married or you have lost a loved one, I am available to assist you in these areas

•Registered Marriage Celebrant
Registered Civil union Celebrant
•Funeral Celebrant
•Renewal Of Vows
•Member of the Celebrants Association of New Zealand

Weddings And Civil Unions:

I am happy to do both Weddings and Civil Unions.
It is an honour to be part of your day, and am really happy to sit down with you and discuss with you my part of the day, and in any areas I can assit.
While I live in Auckland, I am happy to do ceremonies throughout the country.
This is your special day and I have a committment to you to that I will do the best I can do to make it that much more special.


What a lovely gesture to be part of a naming ceremony. As well as your child, as parents this is a great day for you. A lovely day to be able to share your baby with family and friends.

Funerals and Committals/Memorials:

A very special day for family especially to farewell their love ones. I work with the family to ensure that this day will celebrate the loss of the loved one.

My approach:

I have loved working with people for over 30 years, being a Teacher, Sports Administrator and lead a successful Charitable Trust for a number of years assisting clients in to employment as well as Training young people to get further training and/or employment.

I am friendly and professional, and my committment is that I will do my best to be part of a wonderful day.

While I live in Auckland I am very happy to travel to be part of your day.
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