How To Renew Your Vows Keeping Everybody Happy

By grant / April 12, 2017

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A wedding Renewal is not for everyone. But many do to show their wife or husband that they still love each other even after many years. There is no fast rule when to do your vows or not to do their vows, but many do on an anniversary, maybe 10th, 20th or so on. You could do your vows the day after your wedding, but I haven’t heard of this before.

Simply put, a vow renewal is a way to celebrate your marriage. Perhaps you’ve made it to 2, 5, 10, 25 or 50 years together and you want the world to know you’d do it all over again in a heartbeat. Maybe you want to reaffirm your commitment to each other after a rough period in your relationship. There’s no wrong reason to renew. Some couples actually renew their vows yearly.

Many host their renewals at a venue special to them, could be their home, a restaurant or an overseas trip. Some go back to the original place that they get married.

Because many couples now have children, sometimes it is seen as a family affair, where everybody gets involved and have different roles on the day.

As the day is a renewal anyone can officiate, but I woould love to be part of the day with you. We can script it similar to your wedding or try a new approach.. For some this is the wedding they wish they could have had.

On the renewal day it is a good opportunity to invite close friends who have been part of your lives through the years. Be careful it doesn’t get too expensive though. You probably spent a lot on your wedding day.

Again, what you wear is up to you. It might be difficult though for the Groom and Bride to wear the clothes that they wore at the wedding, but worth considering. For me I would need to go on an extreme diet, as I haven’t weighed what I was at the wedding for 25 years. You can choose what you like to make your day or night special for you both.

Anybody can walk the Bride down the aisle. Often one of the children do, and sometimes the Best Man and Bridal Party will be part of the day as well.

The ceremony can be similar to your wedding. You may choose your original vows, or equally choose new ones. It is up to you both to choose. Families can be part of the ceremony as well where children or close friends may do the readings.

Once the renewal of the vows is done it is party time. Any thing from a family barbecue or similar to your reception at your wedding. During the celebration the bride and groom have an opportunity to thank and toast family and special friends.

So your special day can be very similar to your wedding day or you can make it as different as you want.

Hope you consider using me to be opart of your day.

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