The Benefits of Marriage As I See It

By grant / February 1, 2017

Marriage Benefits As I See it

I have been married 27 years, sometimes I feel like it has gone so quickly and other times it seems like I have been married forever. Like in all marriages my wife and I Moe, have had great times and not so great times, but with marriage we have honoured our committmebnt to each other and stayed together changing as we have grown together.

One of the fantastic things that has come out of our marriage has been our son Ryan. As parents we have tried our best to love him, provide a home of love, and also guide him to become the best he can. Ryan is now 24, ready to find his own future, doing really well in his career, so creative and musical, it has been an honour to be his parents and invest in his life. As a married couple we have done our best, made mistakes but always in the best interest for Ryan.

As a teacher and working with young people for over 30 years, there are some things that I have seen as a parent and involved with hundreds of young people as a teacher. Young children who have come from a married couple have generally been more stable, and have been proud to have involved Mum and Dad in their education. Children want identity and having their father or mothers name is so important. Don’t get me wrong there are many non-married couples and single parents who have been equally great parents, but I am purely looking from a point of view of looking at the benefits of marriage.

Financially and economically, statistics show people who are married are more financially secure, two incomes being shared, and a vision to share a life together are reasons why this is so. Statistics also show that married people do not struggle as much with depression, loneliness and health issues.

The biggest difference between a married couple and non married couple is, with marriage it is a committment that is seen for a life time. You do not see many people who enter in to marriage decide that they will try marriage for a couple of years, see how it works out and then divorce. There is definitely more of let’s try and work this out with marriage. Many who are not in marriage have an alternative, and an easier way to dissolve the relationship. While painful it can not be as painful as separation and then divorce.

I love nothing more than being part of a marriage ceremony seeing people of all ages coming together and committing to each other marriage for life.

The day is always beautiful and seeing a couple marry is a special moment.
If you are thinking of getting married, and would like to discuss your future with me, I am more than happy to meet with you.

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