The Dilemma of Marriage Being Relevant In NZ today

By grant / May 28, 2018

New Zealand has changed so much in the last 20 years. It is now marriage that comes in the spotlight. To many New Zealanders it is a no brainer. Marriage is the natural thing to happen when two people fall in love and commit their lives together.

But there is a growing number of people who don’t see the relevance in this day and age. I constantly hear that is “just a piece of paper” or “it’s too expensive”, we love each other without marriage.

We are now in a world that questions many of things which we used to take for granted, and it is almost, anything that was the norm even 20 years ago will be challenged now.

So we ,look at marriage and ask of its relevance today.

I have been married nearly 30 years so I do have something to offer in this conversation. Here are just some of my thoughts:

It is a way of expressing our love to each other and to family and friends.

We have made a committment to each other that we see the value of marriage and we want to show this publicly.

During tough times being together, we have the committment of marriage to fall to. It is easier to walk away if we don’t have that piece of paper.

Children generally feel safe having a mum and dad married. How do I know this? I have seen this in over years working with young people.

Marriage can be really tough, it is not a bed of roses once the paper is signed. But the vows that we made to each other are very important, possible more important having been married for a lengthy time.

I have had the experience of officiating a number of weddings, and always when the wedding is over I feel the joy that these couples feel. And it is not just the young ones either. I have married a number of people who consider themselves not young, and they still feel the joy of “tying the knot”.

So lets think of positive reasons to get married, and don’t look at the divorce rates, or the statistics, or the costs.

It doesn’t have to be a drama

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