The Joy of A Mother Seeing Her Son Getting Married.

By grant / 23/06/2017

The Joy of a Mother seeing her son get married.

There is something very special about a mother seeing her son get married. As a Marriage Celebrant I have the luxury of seeing everything first hand evolve. Traditionally we see the father give away the bride, but we dont’ think or hear too much about the mums.

I had the pleasure of officiating a wedding this week, and just seeing the joy of Kim (the mum) seeing Cornell getting married was somthing special. We always hear about the special bond between mother and son, and I think on a wedding day this is illustrated.

In most circumstances, although things have definitely changed in the last 20 years, it is the mother who has had the most time with their children growing up. You don’t hear of too many mums who want to see their sons leave home, so seeing their sons getting married must have mixed feelings. I am sure there is joy, happiness and always those positive emotions, but I wonder if there must be some difficulty letting go of their sons as well.

Maybe there is some truth in the “mother in law” syndrome where the mother not consciously “knows best” for her son, and there is an adjustment for both mother and son letting go.

I didn’t see this at this wedding however, Kim was overjoyed to see her son happy, and there were some tears of joy I am sure.

Mother and son seemd very happy as well as Mother and Daughter in law. Both Kim and Mingling (bride) looked beautiful, so I am sure there is going to be a great relationship between them as well.

I am sure though when things quieten down all mothers reflect on their sons, and the wonderful and sometimes trying times that they have had with their sons. This must be the real “letting go ” moment, and must be hard at times.

On behalf of all sons, I would like to thank all mums (especially mine) for the love and nuturing that you have given us.

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