Wedding Made In Heaven

By grant / March 14, 2017

Wedding Made in Heaven

I have been honoured to know my wife’s Uncle and Aunty, Norman (Jan) and Rima Langdon for the last 31 years.

They have a great story which is real and I would love to share it with you.
This is such a romantic story and it is actually true.

As a 15 year old boy Jan joined the British Royal Navy for boys training After 12 months training he joined his first ship based in Singapore. This was to be part of a 30 year journey that would take Jan, and later his wife Rima to all parts of the world.

As a 15 year old young woman Rima was living in Aitutaki in The Cook Islands ready to embark on a journey to Auckland, New Zealand that would eventually change both Jan and Rima’s lives forever.

In 1957 Jan joined submarines and came to New Zealand in 1959
While on leave Jan went with friends to a house in West Auckland and sitting in a corner was a beautiful and shy Cook Island woman whose name was Rima . Immediately both Jan and Rima saw stars, and while stationed in Auckland Jan and Rima got to know each other well.

Unfortunately Jan had to get back on board the submarine headed for Australia where he was based . On Jan’s fifth visit to Auckland, Jan got down on his knees and asked Rima to be his wife.
Things were done so well in the late 1950’s, it was almost like a Hollywood film with music in the background.

In October the 8th 1960 Jan and Rima were married at Ponsonby PIC Church with Jan’s best Man being Bernie Storr, and Rima’s Brides maid was Anna Herman from Aitutaki. Another Bridesmaid was Manuai Williams.

This was the start of a beautiful marriage which took Jan and Rima to all parts of the world. Never in Rima’s wildest dreams would she ever believe that a young Aitutaki woman would go to countries such as England, Australia, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Scotland to name a few.

Before re settling in New Zealand Jan and Rima lived in Australia for five years, Singapore, Malaysia and Scotland. Rima found Scotland too cold, and heading back to Cornwall in England not much different, and by this time having 3 wonderful children, Norman, Tara and Wayne. As a family many times they would follow their dad to different places in the world.

In 1984 Jan and Rima made a huge decision in coming back to Auckland to re-settle. Here Rima would find that most of her family were living here as well, and Jan being sports mad would begin to love The All Blacks, The Blues and The Black Caps.

While missing Norman, Wayne and Tara terribly, Jan and Rima started a new life in Auckland. Jan ran a successful business called ChemWash, and Rima the most fantastic host to family in The Cook Islands and England.

In 1989 Moe and I had the honour of Jan walking Moe down the aisle for our wedding. It was a pleasure to have Jan by Moe’s side.

Jan and Rima to this day have a love of cards and together play 500 and Euchre at different clubs, competitions throughout New Zealand.

They have always been a team. It is never just Jan or Rima, but Jan and Rima.
To this day they have been married 57 years, with 3 children and 3 grandchildren.
The key to a successful marriage for Jan and Rima? Once a week Skype to Norman, Wayne and Tara, a love of the garden, good communication between each other, a love of cards, and being able to collectively do things together or Jan watching sport on TV while Rima is watching Home and Away.
Moe and I have been honoured to live next door with Jan and Rima for the past four years, and Moe has something extra special, they are Moe’s Uncle and Aunty Rima. #iminheaven #wonderfulmarriage #keytosuccessfulmarriage #marriagecelebrant

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