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By grant / 05/02/2019

2018 was a lovely year for Weddings. It is always a thrill being part of the brides and grooms special day.

There is a lot to do before people get married and it is great to see things work out perfectly on the day.

The amount of work the bride usually does for their special day is a considerable amount and it is so good seeing things unfold.

I have done a number of weddings now and I am amazed how different and unique each one is, although there is one thing that is consistent. With the meetings it is generally the bride to be who is a little stressed in getting things just right, and the future groom does not seem to be worrying too much.

Well on the day I can assure you it is the bride who is calm and collected and the Groom seems a lot more tense and worried. Often it is the Groom who has the difficulties doing the vows and the Bride is calm and reassuring to The Groom.

The day always plays out well and usually with the rehearsal any minor adjustments have been sorted out.

From a Wedding Celebrant point of view it is important to meet up with the couple as many times that the couple need, so trust is built and a good relationship is developed. So I always like to meet up and have a coffee at a cafe to set the scene.

I often get asked by people about whether venues are important. I have done weddings in people’s homes, back yards, cafes and luxurious locations. Each one has its special significance and equally romantic.

Also it is important that there is that wet weather alternative in place. With Auckland weather there are 4 seasons in one day and never to sure what the weather will do. I recently did a lovely wedding in Whitford and we decided that the Wedding would be inside. It made no difference to the night-Bride and Groom were very happy and all of us were relieved that there wouldn’t be a downpour as the Wedding begun.

I always start with a basic script for the future bride and groom and they choose whether they want it done this way or a specially tailored wedding script that we have worked on together. I love doing the tailor made as I really get to know the couple before the Wedding and always become friends with them. There are some who I still keep in touch with from Weddings that were first done in 2016.

So each Wedding is unique and special. a time where family and friends share in the joys of the day and contribute to the special time. It is also important that the bride and groom have a great time as well, and can relax as soon as possible.

Being part of a Wedding day is something I love and I share in the excitement, the tears, the laughter and everything that goes with the day.

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